The games I design are ludo didactic designs. Usually applied for educational situations, but can often also be used in informal settings.

In 2013 I graduated with a Master’s degree in Art Education from HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, where I was introduced to ‘Ludo didactics’ and graduated with a game Tell your ARTtale, designed to be played in museums for Contemporary and Fine Art. In this game, the way we perceive art and how we give meaning to it is key.

Tell your DUTCHtale is the little sister of Tell your ARTtale. I designed this game for international students at

HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. In this game you play with typical Dutch clichés to get a better understanding of Dutch culture and the Dutch and to give your own meaning to Dutch concepts and customs.

The Bildung Game is a game I developed in collaboration with the Comenius network.

It is a game developed for teams of teachers, students and program directors in higher education, to think about what it takes to make sustainable and future-proof education and to keep it that way.

  • the ultimate museumgame
  • Tell your DUTCHtale
  • Bildung game i.c.w. Comeniusnetwork